Criminal Law

Women Protection:

We have been working closely with victims of violence and recognized the need for legal services and representation in court proceedings for women. We guide women in knowing about their rights and the various mechanisms by which they can claim them and provide legal advice and representation as well as assistance with document preparation. We will represent women in criminal, civil, and administrative proceedings. Paramount in the provision of service in developing a relationship of trust and maintaining client confidentiality. Our attorneys have exceptional experience in helping women’s who are seeking help with divorce and custody determinations as well. We have been successful in assisting women to gain custody and also win child support in civil cases.


Are you being charged with Assault? Our professional Assault Lawyers can help.

Assault is an act of violence that causes minor injury which does not even have to be visible. It can also include the situation where a person is made ill through shock or depression or stress i.e. the injury can include a non-physical symptom. Sometimes the offence can be referred to as an offence of assault and battery.

Our Assault Lawyers have established a working relationship with some of the finest barristers in the country. Should any proceedings require representation by a barrister you can rest assured that only those barristers that we feel will give you the very best assistance will be incorporated into the legal team.


Do you need help with an identity theft case?

Have a question on what you can do to protect yourself?

Our expert lawyers are trained to provide you with one-on-one assistance for all types of identity theft. They will furnish you with advice tailored to your specific issue, a step-by-step plan, and the necessary documents and letters you will need to implement your plan. Our lawyers will also prepare you with steps you can take to minimize your risk of becoming re-victimized in the future.


Are you the victim of fraud? Has a business or individual treated you unfairly or acted in a deceptive manner? Have you lost money or property to a scam artist? Has your insurance company denied a legitimate claim? We can help you take legal action against the company, which may include filing an individual or class action lawsuit against the business.

We specialize in court-appointed receiverships and other fiduciary appointments to locate and preserve assets. We also represent individuals, businesses, and government entities seeking legal remedies to recover the proceeds of fraud.