Dispute Resolution


Legal Matters have attorney’s having special expertise to manage disputes whenever and wherever it is needed.

We have considerable experience of handling high-value and complex disputes in many different sectors.

Our focus is on helping you keep control over disputes and the costs associated with them. We help you to identify issues at an early stage and pursue the most effective option.

We know that litigation is not the only way to resolve disputes. Where appropriate, we use alternative methods of dispute resolution – including arbitration and mediation – to achieve the most practical and corporate solution.


We help people resolve their family law disputes. Our trained family dispute resolution Attorney will help you in:

  • identifying and considering your options
  • working towards reaching an agreement.

We can organize a conference with a family dispute resolution practitioner to help you:

  • develop a parenting plan which sets out arrangements for the care of your children
  • sort out financial issues, such as spousal maintenance and maintenance for children over 18 years old.

Our Family Lawyers can be engaged on short notice and on flexible terms as we understand the complex nature of the claim and emotions.