Corporate Law

Partnership Agreements

A partnership is a business venture whereby the business is run by a number of joint owners. The owners (or partners) of the partnership have responsibility for running the business between them and decisions, profits, losses, and liabilities are all shared amongst them. A partnership is automatically formed when more than two people decide to work together for the benefit of making money. Therefore it is vital that the relationship between the partners, their responsibilities, their profit sharing, and their obligations are all properly recorded. This is done through a Partnership Agreement, We at Legal Matters have a great deal of experience preparing bespoke partnership agreements for newly-started or existing businesses, as well as advising on already-existing Agreements.


Successful mergers are based upon a deep understanding of industry dynamics, the nature of the merging entities and well thought-out integration plans. In today’s globalized world, many deals occur cross-border and call for multijurisdictional coordination. A clear understanding of specific legislative requirements and commercial issues in the respective countries is required. Legal Matters assists companies with:

  • Designing suitable structures for the transaction.
  • Jurisdiction choice.
  • Identification of legal issues arising as a result of a merger.
  • Review of contracts that could be affected by the merger.
  • Drafting of documentation for the formalization and execution of the transaction.
  • Designing suitable structures for the transaction.

Director’s Duties

Whilst statutory Company law does set out a list of directors duties, companies and directors are well advised to clarify expectations via a director service contract and, where a director is also a shareholder via a shareholder agreement.

Restrictions on what directors are legally entitled to do can also be included in the company’s articles of association. Notwithstanding all these protections, practical protections and communication and information are also important to avoid problems or breaches of director duties.

We have considerable experience both in terms of the practical applications of the principles below and our litigation lawyers can also advise on potential breaches of duties and as regards the various remedies available.

Company Registration

We provide easiest ways and services for Business Start-up in Pakistan. Our Law Firm is well recognized for offering services for registration of a company, registration of a private limited company, registration of a single member company and registration of a public limited company.

Our Services Include Everything Starting From Preparation Of Agreements, Deeds And Legal Documents, Business Name Search. Registration/Incorporation, All The Way Through Copyrights, Patents, Book-Keeping, Marketing, I.T. Setup And Legal Advice.